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November to Trump Tower and White House

( WEB RIGHTS a new area ! )

(translation p.33 french SDI Rights for professional artist , producer, editor , so and .. )

under Article 4 >>> ............. '.. In USA ? 10, or 20, or 30 billions $ ..' ............ <<<< ! ! ! ! !


GRAPHICS red = Laws since 1850 for authors composers and publishers - green = Lang Laws 1980s and complement for performers and artists' leaders - blue = law to set out below in rights of publication in Internet of works by adding To the music the other arts can go in Net (film etc ...) or to be seen there. We advocate distributions in equal parts to the beneficiaries, the declaration belonging to the Owner of the ORIGINAL Work, and placing it on at least 1 accessible site. SDI* = Internet rights company. + $ 20b? / year planned to be allocated. // or RIS* (rights internet society). It is hoped several times or at least as much as the sum of the rights distributed at this time, this organized in any other way, and coming in addition .. -- THIS PROJECT DOES NOT CONCERN ALL THE GAFA--


for artists achievements, including music, having created an original and fixed (Check-In) in France --abreviation: SDI Co of Internet Law, France - (Artists Rome Convention Performers 26.10.61 Article 7 Protections) --We will thereby create a new complementary concept to editing on disc, it will be publishing on web.

To avoid that we proceed alone, we artists, like the! 19th century ... then for creators and authors organize themselves and create rights reports with fiber ADSL providers or voice +

3 / 4G, and Consumer Organizations without catalyst -it project is decided, given that only two opposite ideas emanate (Hadopi + Offer Legal and Peer to Peer or jungle !, all with faults or /// Hadopi

+ + Offer Legal global license, all with faults), and that the idea of​​dependent artists of the united creation of companies is: "(Roger Guérin, Chevalier of Arts and Letters) Twenty times are, more just and effective

"-it was agreed that:

The Legal Offer and Piracy will be completed the work in creating an organization named RIGHTS S.D.I.

, and:

within six months following the vote in the Assemblies and the Decree of Application (or the decision of the Ministerial Council), a company similar notoriety to the following in the advanced settings or means, will be created by a college of twenty members

minimum, experts and delegates same of SPRE signs, BIEM, CSA, SACEM, CISAC, ADAMI, UFPI, SFA, SPEDIDAM, SCAM, SACD, SDRM, SNEP, LDMS, UfcQUEchoisir, SNAM, SNAC, Csdem, ARP (directors), Producers, etc ... (and operators-speech)

through meetings led by the Minister of Culture, Ministry or similar, (Digital, Innovation, and Productivity? etc ...), or CSA, meetings precisely determine the number of members, with a minimum of a by

teaches, and up to two and the delegates mINISTRIES concerned, without any bias is exercised according to the precedence or rights managed.

A call will be made through the press for other possible participants, which participants will ultimately arbitrated in case of dispute, by the Minister, based on ethical criteria of the contenders, the number of represented professionals, or members or eminence

they represent?

A feasibility study will be created and defined a clear decision.

Then a President of the Society named INTERNET LAW SOCIETY OF FRANCE (S.D.I.) will be elected by a majority plus one vote in an amicable ballot, one or two rounds, among the delegates of the companies indicated above.

French legislation will be initiated by him, assisted by his colleagues on the progress of the organization, it does encroaching on any subject other STES own rights, but to live up further, with d

an untapped area.

The opposition of a member meetings or disagreement will not put in danger following the work, but the established regulations attempt to take account of its opinion after his departure.

The ACT project which we refer the lines and give ourselves the means to exercise it, will ensure that: filling a legal vacuum with regard to Internet in each country legislating, it will come only in PLUS existing agreements

it will initially between 1 and 2 billion € uros in France for example, the creation will be managed by a new company, will be accountable to the state which will be specified by it, in its regulations, the maximum

statutory levies before compensation of the members, then it will look quickly to all artistic facets, starting with music, and does not assume a priori change on hadopi previous law, except that it will become more useful to the

offenders on more targeted and less nombreux.Ce project brings to the creation more than ten or even a hundred times more results than what was brought pécunièrement, by authors' societies currently in place.

This Act or Decree, is in priority to any previous legislation, and guaranteed to works created in France, they will be only under French law, with respect to various regulations of the companies providing their assistance to the technical Internet


If necessary the SDI will send his representative to witness any action in contravention of French Culture.This LAW should give the opportunity to create these digital rights. WEB-RADIOS are not affected, having an existing Adami-Spedidam management.(It is recommended to consider also concerned, free software useful, uninfected, created in the country of the law, as an art and to deliver SDI help by this means, to the creator-owners, or to the responsible Start-Up ).

*** ARTICLE 2: MEANS turn-on.

The Minister (Culture, or ...?) Will launch a personal support of his Ministry, from creating the autonomy of the 'Society of Net', with a very slight or non participation Stes having representatives in the SDI

, those latter defined by the regulations, and contracting a data agreement with all those dealing with rights;

then the Department may find affordable local, large enough, that may include hardware, or twenty?

more ADSL or fiber connections and 3 / 4G, and future staff of several dozen employees initially learned of Copyright, processing sheets, the manialilité the Net.

The first meetings at least, will be the Department.

A legal adviser will be hired full-time to the President SDI and assist in the period during which it will be necessary that it gives preference to this function to create effective leadership to the SDI.--The distribution keys of other copyright societies do not apply to the S.D.I .--

The Minister will commit to disclose the benefits of this LOI with counterparts in country of any continent, individually or through communities, in a sustained and relentless action until obtaining similar results desired by the artists, or the

organization of an International Conference leading to the same goal.

It also undertakes to keep informed and to have relationships with companies that govern the operation of the Net, about the progress of the ACT and its application.

The law will be jeopardized if after a year or three, it has not decided one of the countries with big creative work, to soon finalize a similar law.

The argument is that it is not wished to be alone, and around this concept is not to see then all the orchestras, soloists, artists, come save France, to later share crumbs


Rights created will not have, but result from the respect of the specifications issued by the SDI to Masters of the owners.

*** ARTICLE 3: WORKS CONCERNED duty and artists, among others (Rome Convention Article 15 Exceptions).

This legislation is evolving in a new area, unexplored and full panoply of Jurists, and also the rights of creators, like those of the professional circle thereof.

An assessment of the number of musical works RECORDED (or fixed) will be practiced and ceiling will be made according to the knowledge of each human society that created the SDI;

a conflict due to a resignation, will waste time but the information will be found in any case by any means that can achieve this;

this to calculate a fair distribution in time, knowing that the participants surfers in the country will be in constant number of increase and the set works.

It can be considered a restrictive period in time, creation dates records initially if an abnormal influx is observed, or even ask credibility of the work to prove, if not educational domains appear willing to settle

essential before the next catalog?

It will be estimated as the share to be put on hold for distribution in savings for the other arts can claim the same treatment.

This share is the widest.

There will be a willingness to seek to spread to other arts than music, except impossibility occurring to solve the technical problem.

To receive the corresponding part of ONE intellectual work or art, this one must have been previously listed with the bodies organizing the profession, for example, for music, SACEM or other (France) and the

achievement recorded thereof (or fixation) in the Country of the law (France here), in a place with a known address, and therefore it must belong to a person or company that has solved the adjoining charge to hours


This person or company will own the original recording, it will do so to declare it to the SDI by an average agreed, noting the co-creators (remember: no, -except Fr Spedidam

or Scam-, in any State, a declaration necessary for the "Check-set" for the futility is obvious, until that day when Internet allows the use title by title, for the purpose of personal use,

and must give a law, this in proportion to the number of fixed works).

We will talk about "" Downloads "" knowing that it will be studied the case "Check-in real time by the user," according to the technical advances in the months of writing, which can differentiate or not

the paid non-paying?

This Work will be free for the Internet user, download, or directly listening to the extent where he has a contract with an operator charging the fee Ads / 3 / 4G due by this Act.

It will be advisable to charge the unit for the Rights to ALL subscribers, and keep this modest billing.

Work that can not be created by mounting several times or in other countries, unless a notable change of context (time, soloist, guides, etc ...).

A term "base" of a few minutes (eg four minutes) will be defined by the Company Law of the Internet, as a manager or variable quotas for short works, or longer and requiring more staff.

The Company Law of the Internet will only decide on the shares or to the Work.

It may rectify a year to year its shares, according to the changes of the parameters.

After the time of the owner, if the recorded work remains available, SDI will decide on a response to the descendants.

This work will be available on the Internet easily by downloading and / or listening from one (or more) sites linked to the owner of check-in (many under its downstream, due to the agreements it may incur), and

concerning the only-list assigns Rights to be defined by the sole owner of the Original of the Work fixée.Cette list will be given on a completed form to the Company Law of the Internet, which établiera distribution of all concerned

without limitation profession;

Example: the owner of the fixing, composers, musicians, singers, orchestrators, paper publishers, other publishers, Pressing copies may be where this is Check-In, etc ... An oversight can be rectified, false information may be sanctioned


At the same time it will explore alternative ways of Rights, according to various means of downloads or accessibility of the works, the Internet Law Society will investigate as soon as possible ways to increase the corporations concerned by similaites rights (photos,

specific newspaper articles, films, videos, books, etc ...) and take the state, then the world of the current Art work and increased its staff or its affiliates, as of

changes in royalty, découlantes Internet users directly via the operators.

SDI decide if possibility of Rights, restrictions necessary for the Art concerned, this law being first for music, for example what are the years of relevant creations for the book?

the picture ?

the movie ... never a criterion of 'sales' to be taken into account, which would reverse the purpose of the law, to promote knowledge of creations, just unknown becaufe not supported by all networks flooding the


In the case of fasteners would be granted "with payment", depending on the time, so sometimes off the Rights of the SDI, without adhering to the idea, no amount will be calculated retroactively in rights (see art.5


Throughout paragraphs are reminded several times that SDI considers only to PRESENCE can easily be downloaded, and NOT the number of such acts, if the attachment (eg As from such date Habit, in one place

by such people) old, the same interest as yesterday (Truc example, by Machin, last month, with fanfare) come to be unbalanced in its law by year's end, while the latter must

to be almost the same.

A REFUSAL an owner TITLE, triggering non-rights to the other participants will not be allowed, except in special cases to discern (age, expatriation? ..), But should not occur, the Editors or producers already having

titles very often in legal downloading, allowing not to touch income SDI

but to claim it at any time;

A Legal Service, however, help ensure any applicant claiming rights to satisfy its demands.

Add multiple areas outside music already mentioned, not to forget anything in the facets that can adhere to SDI rights (films, newspaper front pages, etc ...), the facet "Researchers", lequels publish in for students, etc ... Also, consider qie LAW SDI can be claimed even if the title is Legal Offer, if a (or more) assigns the request, demonstrating or proving that a contract which restricts its rights offer Legal.


*** ARTICLE 4: GENERAL CHARGES, and Consumers.

In consultation with the Consumer Defense agencies and with companies authorized to connect the Internet or 3 / 4G (Orange, Sfr, ect ...), a small fee will be collected by the receiving device can download the Work


The Broadband providers are the arms of the tool for the contact works, and therefore the transmission of those downloaded by one means or not .. The fee may be € 1, but we want to compensate as much as possible and arts

it may be slightly more.

An example in 2012 is 2 Euros monthly in the context of the Act.( in 2015 Usa 2 àr 3$ ? or more)

All subscribers will contribute this fee from the operators, which reverberate quickly, the amounts to the Company Law of the Internet, slightly less compensation or fee required.

Manna (in France) between one and two billion euros per year should be collected and distributed to beneficiaries Rights or pending, unless the Company Law of Internet management fees. (In USA ? 10, or 20, or 30 billions $)

The Internet Law Company will determine in the prior year, valid for fixing should it be in?, Knowing that fixing an old Work can be done at any time and by any current artist corresponding to the tastes of


It will be absolutely verified by the Company Law of the Internet, the ease of finding the Work on the Net, before compensation, as it will be verified the professional basis, responding to a fixing emphasizing basic literacy

and not shocking them down ages ears.

The web host is not intended to be or not in the country of attachment, if he has his connections in appropriate language.

Assigns rights must be storefront and not found.

ONLY a reproduction of the original, after downloading will be allowed for the use of the Internet for personal use, and copies of laws relating to exercise immediately in the case of authorized professional use.

*** ARTICLE 5: Membership Suspension in Master Studio-Original-Right system, already existing laws, other countries.

Peer-to-peer music system, could help maybe the purpose of this law, but it is not found to hold the original recordings, or that all major Successors Rights-names are in

apparants computer while reading the download, or accurate, and no further authorization from the owner fixing is required in this system and there is no reason that this application owner eviction of his title this system

for dissatisfaction?

Besides the original recorded fixation will not comparing quality and will be the priority of Internet users who prefer a Original, from the Studio Owner of realization.

On the other hand, the natural or legal owner of fixing the title, may apply to company's Internet Right to suspend for a specified period, her right to Master Studio fee if it decides to sell the download (offer

current legal 1E), clearly indicating for how long, renewable period.

It will do the same process in reverse to demand his rights, who will leave at the time.

If the CD store or mailing is out of our worries;

If the downloadable CD, will be studied by the SDI to evaluate if it is the "title 1E" xfois.

The law above and below, so set is a rights law CREATOR, not opposing to those already existing, or customs in force.

The current fee is collected on COPIES (disks), or copies, public performances, broadcasts, and sales of stagnation in some areas are compensated in stores by "empty copies to fill."

--- (Nb, it is possible to understand that the music edition, taking principal terms of the law, although other materials are included, choose between CD, title to 1E, securities Streaming subscription and securities

SDI. Therefore the blank CDs compensates sales Cd edited, the same places, over the SDI will consider publishers. in other areas, such as a book, it will, if this project includes an update this corporation, hold

including off-profit outlets by the Net and find a compromise) -

This law complements the range of professionals, but also of young people leaving Conservatories and creators.

It opens in a new area, already managed by MAL unexpected gifts (peer to peer), or already PUNITIVE without rights (hadopi).

A netizen consuming music also emptying its portfolio every month with 1 euro per share, or streaminf subscriptions, while others go without.

Copies stores are expensive, and the modest windfall for ALL the connected servers is substantial but is not in place (purpose of the Act).

It may be mentioned that since the SDI takes a customer can not (the owner of the title set in the studio) suspend the appropriate time, the title of this context, and secondly this annual windfall is lost each year to the beneficiaries

-Human right now, as the Internet has lowered its cost (just the monthly fee surplus to € -2 / m - for a free securities not 1E).

The other so-called Hadopi existing law, may as well be repealed when one applies, or remain in force, and participate in fights abuses of unauthorized uses COPIES except (important) that the owners of the sites

Original bindings WILL NOT generators sanctions to internet users, with respect to users, downloads are free, and while the fee specified in paragraph 4 is contractée- these sites owners, can also according to the agreements?

be the site of the main Interpreter, for example- and PREFERENCE.

*** ARTICLE 6: Restrictions.

Since the Internet has no defined borders, it will be essential that the amount of countries or states, based on this Act, or VAST quickly and consistently.

It will then remain to artists to go if they want where can register to set a NEW different effect in a particular country, if there exist many more Internet users and pay fees, and s

they are accepted, and think is best seen by registered there ?.

In the case of France, it will be asked to Securities Owners, editors and therefore lists of Trustees Rights, it can only be shown the merits of their work in accordance with all-Bearing Rights.

SDI suspend any rights of compensation action if one of the parameters defining the action of the owner accepting downloads, fails.

On the other hand if the law will define this mode of rights made, it will give a deadline to the owners of masters, to declare their present or former work, and contact the SDI in order not to deprive rights holders.

Regarding the already existing works, all rights holders are already easy to find and precisely, the companies creating this SDI are able to provide assistance each or verification (see above).

This will be defined in the regulation of SDI.

A period of suspension of distribution rights, may be decided by the SDI, if it happens that other countries do not play the game or do not understand default of respect for the artists, for example, and not prolong compensation

works recorded and fixed at home, while they have a network of online.

It is undeniable that the young designers, combining the features singer-songwriter-studio-editor ... with the rest each party will be compensation under the Regulation to SDI, will be getting a better return on their title, and

more is if they have a lot, since this Act shall be set for each title, regardless of the number of consumers of this title downloads.

Similarly, firms disk that paid for recording studios in amounts, and for very many titles will be widely winning in view of this Act, he is reminded again that no number of downloads is asked screw

screw these originals, only that all participants contenders Rights documented.

The regulation will also discuss the study with family multiple devices?

You can give two examples vague and imprecise.

A new title has been created by an author who already has three titles more or less known.

He pays the studios of his closest, musicians if needed, and retrieves the MASTER owned.

He enters this 3-minute song on its site and completes the form of the SDI on which name will be 'owner', but also for example in arranger, etc ...;

will be noted performers, musicians, authors, etc .... The SDI after checks and a time frame to be, can transmit the right to compensation for rights holders by crediting them directly.

It is assumed that certain parameters will be better value share, as the owner, author, arranger, the lead singer ...

Another example may be cited: a known company that sells the drive for thirty years, holds some of the Masters, in various media, technology has evolved, it has lots sold LPs or cassettes and sells at the moment of the Compact Disc, and

even titles 1 by 1 on the Net.

It will fill a condidérable number of forms, with the specific names of Trustees Rights, and its name as 'Owner'.

In time, she will receive with others, from the SDI his due, depending on the number of speakers of each title (it is certain that equal to 3 minutes, for example, will not be of the same generatrice

are all, as the number of players may be different);

Assigns Rights unless special agreements to prove, should be directly governed by SDI.

Having noted that its site allows downloads reputable, will give an additional aura to put some time in selling new titles one by one, without the SDI (offer called 'legal', managed by other companies) or

to offer more titles, the buyer burning the example himself, or to indicate the places where you find these new features, such promotions, compilations, etc ... in stores.

There is no objection to the non rowdy sponsorship, donor sites, which may indicate "where" are copies (CD).

It may be necessary to promote, with donor sites, if indeed it is not those artists 'main', links to the same Master Studio System, the artists of the sites, these will sometimes have much better taste


Everything is as before, but more pleasantly organized, with resources given to creators and wellness to consumers, new and modern, and an openness to the forgotten of showbiz.

*** ARTICLE 7: penalties, sanctions, abuse.

A single problem can occur: the creator-owner does not know whether to create a site that can download.

It is assumed that he will find help for periods to define, from publishers.

It is even possible?

that publishers refused composers, their works find interesting now ... The easiest download return to enter a title by ZIP file on a site, which transmits the second half as requested.

On the other solutions exist / it is even possible to study the case "its real time".

In all CAS (Article 6 examples), it will be received for the study SECURITIES who have been a studio EN France (but artists can not be one).

In summary, with this free access, users will reward the achievements made in France.

It is certain that it will be imperative that ALL countries do the same, and nothing can predict the astronomical sum that the US Government, Chinese, Brazilian, ... will lead to a similar law?

for example.

There should be a galvanizing desire to record the fixation of each work and ultimately a slight competition between methods here or elsewhere, for the well being of the corporation.

This law will also define once and for all, if the "Title Doe", specifically, was recorded in one place, to be sold in all countries, but not receive its share SDI instead of taking original sounds


fraud attempts will be punished according to what the department will claim, which is guardian of the SDI, for example in case of declaration of the same work in two countries, or false work or false owner or favoritism in the direction issued by a

near the SDI?

... One or two addresses, or if more affordable, will be communicated on the website of the SDI, so that the artist is a contact isolated owner helping to make his personal website.

*** ARTICLE 8: enlargement droit.IMPERATIF other Arts.

SDI will ensure from the outset to assess the needs of movie corporations, journalism, photo, book, or streaming?

etc ... (paragraph 3), even without starting its work for the musical context, to assess the possibilities to other arts, although necessary quality restrictions appear ?.

It will be calculated on if revenues will expand the fields of Rights so that artists and entourages receive decents Rights.

Similarly, it will be assessed if the systems 'streaming' or 'loaded clips net' relations have rights and how hosters, French or not, conceive the relationship with SDI.

It is recalled that the SDI will not intervene in any COPY (CD, DVD, etc ...) but the ORIGINAL made studio, the owner deciding what stage design practice is to put online, with

the maximum signal names of the copyright holders, or major (singer, violinist ...) ideally when there is a given band transmitting this additional information.

Similarly the best way to open and download will be defined, if necessary or need?

also the best compression.

Reminder essential shares of SDI to creators:

Evaluation of annual entries, with the operators of France /// evaluation thousands of titles seen by registered IN FRANCE /// assessments assigns rights arising from these securities or not French /// control not identical statement Abroad and relations with

Foreign /// SDI development boundaries between work and creations in amateurismes not authors' societies or overflowing to evictions to protect children /// evictions creations manager of stupidity? (ditto starting from the

child, nothing to do with the humor of course) /// ouster of the improper implementation, not tending to professional /// up to the general computing point for staff like to check the right property declarations

sECURITIES and downloads of valid /// links with other companies copyrighted or professional /// assessment of conditions related to arts oTHER: what pictures and number, what quotas, what movies, what music, what items

release (or journal), what books, what sculpture or painting (which can only be managed by photo), what music SECURITIES french masters no longer having a posted the kinship, or relaying editor kinship ///

what or what ballet comedy (knowing that here the images are required) /// etc ...

SDI abandon the other arts, except music, it is impossible to integrate them, but will commit to trying a year or three years ?, to work on this problem involving "the arts", created in France,

under its rights and attention with respect to the Net.

It is recalled that the "location" is not concerned.

Regarding the problem of titles to come out or not to offer Legal integrate SDI rights, it will be immediately investigated whether those rights can not be offered to selling securities in Legal Offer, if they remain in

sales, insofar artists' songs without sales means, be the first to integrate the SDI catalog.

Remember: there is no need for downloads or multiple accounts viewings and even from anywhere.

The works proprietary sites if they wish to personally stay abreast of about downloads, knowing they determine nothing in this system of rights, since here the "Deposit" in SDI will be paid in rights Subsequently,

musical Check-being available to contratio of already existing authors rights societies, which award against the rights of "clones" in quantities sold.

SDI law will expire at the removal of the title on the site "of Originals, said," or closure.

*** Article 9: LAWS CONFLICT.

Promotion of titles.

It does not seem to be a conflict with this law, as it is in outer Rights, to copies, concerts, broadcasts, media ...;

It will take against by defining to what degree check-in of a television or radio program is the DIRECT if this is not a disk play-bach (and therefore not original), if then live request Rights

being on a site that could download it?

It is certain that there will be in France, a time of hesitation, when Fr. Inter or Tf1 example will wonder if the copies are passed to the INA to them or not?

(If free, easily available, rights of applicants).

There will be a choice of all possible solution, sell (rights MRSA) / + free or rights SDI.

The terms of the International Conventions, which it is possible to get the best from WIPO (WIPO) in Geneva - to which the SDI will make its work - sometimes reported in previous international agreements, this of invraissemblable "

"... and for future systems ..." ".

It is obvious that the SDI ignores both these future systems, initialed by the Netherlands were related to "exemplary" phonograph from becoming a numerical day, or retransmissions by technical innovations, ex.TNT ... believe, then

that the Net was not even conceived.

Questions about the Legal Deposit?

Nothing changes !

They are the best in the bins that must be reported by National Sound Archives, and a single title, without disc, may well note in Ph.N.

by a single burning "to SDI as a conservation" (see more burn on the same support)?

It is a question that may arise "how promoting music or other evolve t it?".

However, this law does not change too much, pulling a disc with one or more titles will be passed to the radio for example, with an agree ment Sdrm, or the promotion will be as before, with an identical one in

trade ?, disk from the disks of prints for sale.

Recall, however, that a simple e.mail with a link will help to promote a radio, this one can without problem thanks to this download any security system.

Right now, with Hadopi, radio would be in breach!

to procure an unknown title Download (?) Dranem existing on Peer to peer!

For the TV, even before promotion scheme, it will remain for those not promoted in emissions to advertise to their site.

As for the featured artists without discs, the Net will be like now, a vector as is known, when one recalls that in the multitude, there are people promoted in radio-tv that are known at the moment.

As against this Act require that the Company Law of the Net, SDI (important), created, edit SITE general and will announce who will lists SECURITIES admitted to Master-Studio system, for example?

picture or names of the authors or principal artist, or with the description eg featured title, style or title of the site where you will find the downloads.

This SDI site quickly find an important and general promotional tool for all.

*** Article 10: Figures

2010: Internet users in France were 42 million // this is a lower number if you look at the Broadband subscriptions T.H.D.

High Flow Rates or // in Europe: 420 million, and Broadband over 200 million .The corresponding number Broadband up 60% of the French figure, and also increase // constant in 2012 the number of mobile (phone net)

3 / 4g is to define?

// The overall number in portable world is to x2.5 times as ADSL (to check).

The recipe 2010 would be reduced to 1 billion euros (France ADSL and / or 3g 2 € / month) without 4G phones coming, 'related' to the NET.

To remember that the phone plan is cheaper than 3ou4g.

Does he need to SDI recipe similar to ADSL and to portable ?, everything will be depend studies to provide a right of Net other corporations specified above ?, the time to think about this law, and will


In all cases, be preferred if possible this sum of € 2 or less, and also consider that the initial package will be down?

// Recipe Adami 2011: € 70 million - € 33 million allocation = - = // number compensated Adami 45,000 //

USA: Broadband number of 'France x5' - to vérifier- Brazil: 'France x1.5' China 'France x7', some figures: 3g = 140 million, 150 million Broadband = // --- Using the Net

: in 10 years was x 10. Using the 3 / 4g to define?

changes much faster.

- Much higher number, except China, the Broadband -

Coté Sacem (the oldest figures occupations), there are 40 million works created / beware, not all are "in fixing on a Masters in France, 2 runs or 24/64 or digital tracks various" and remind her

Fr. compensation figures 2011: almost 2 million Euros (millions /// SDI up quickly treat billion, and some more time);

Other figures, such as Fr. SPRE: about 80 million / year € in revenue.

Each Rights Society découlants laws of March 1957 or July 1987, its slogans ... We bet that SDI will be summarized to "" equal creations, 'salary' equal or equal BNC "".

Another figure, which has nothing to do with creations, but that is corollary number of jobs in Culture >> Fr 700,000.

2516150000 Internet World, 2013 / 1st quarter of 2013 W. sold 90,000,000 Computers / Mobiles W. 80,000 per day / Televisions W. 12,000 per day.

The CSA will be keen to inspect the annual accounts of the SDI, or any conclusions on répartiton between assigns categories, management, the quality of the works referenced produced in France.

A base will be created preferably after 3/5 years only ?, given the urgency of addressing first the bad promoting artists background to help create;

everything is set by the Act and this new company that will occupy a completely empty space, bring a few hundred Euros / year, country by country, to young talents who were shut the door, and even ...

help big firms handing rediscover their studios on, as it is true that artists had to buy the equipment on their money to bring the 'whole-cooked' or self-produce copies "copies

"(cd), for sale.

Simultaneously with this Fund, an annual grant, will be committed to the SOCIAL services, if any?

LTS Authors or associations, some names are mentioned in Article 1, based SDI, as well as a global organization like UNICEF, to urge all states to create in each of them, one for a


Good Chances to SDI.


(by James Darlays EMM-Food Gerbet-Darlays french Musician Olympia Big Band)


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